U BEND is a new kind of novel, and it forms a central part of the U Suite project. Conn is U BEND'S main character, and the book takes place on Canada's Vancouver Island between the late sixties and the year 2020.

U BEND, the novel, will be published as a book in 2012. Its modular chapters are being written over several years, and during this time they're also appearing in other U Suite project segments in a quasi-serialized form (they'll continue to appear in a variety of film and other media until project's end in 2020).

Currently, The Leader Series is also being made, and these large-scale media murals will each be accompanied by a U BEND narrative soundtrack (downloaded as mp3 soundtracks and broadcast via FM transmitter).

So far, parts of U BEND have been projected in cinemas, written on gallery walls, printed on the backs of movie posters, included in photo essay booklets, web-published, given away on postcards, and twittered line-by-line for a year. They've been shown in combination with short film screenings, multi-screen cinema installations, a film co-op project, a photo series, artist lectures, a hand-built disco dance cube, and a utopian questionnaire and community outreach project. In future, they'll be used to create narrated film soundtracks, interactive soundscapes, song lyrics, and immersive cinematic installation faux museum talking guides. They'll also be serialized in magazines with graphic illustrations, featured in social media experiments, and acted-out in traditional films.